Fly tying and fly fishing are all about learning, and taking that to a new place.  I am excited to help others learn more about these great sports, and have been fortunate to be involved in many seminars, presentations, banquet talks, fly tying classes, and everything else in between!  

Speaking Engagements:  If you are interested in having me as a guest speaker or fly tier for your group or function, please contact me early to determine availability.  My presentations will be specifically tailored to your group, and revolve around fly fishing, fly tying, or a combination.  All presentations will include visuals (both pictures and videos), and content relevant to today's fly fishing.  Once contact is made, we can determine the right topic that will work best for your group.

Scheduled 2019 Events:

Scheduled 2018 Events:

Fly Tying Demonstrations and Seminars:  Teaching others patterns, tips, and techniques is a lot of fun and my passion, thus I am happy to share my knowledge.  This can be accomplished in a variety of settings, including at your group's meeting site, a fly shop, or even online.  Please contact me, and we can determine the setting and types of patterns to tie for your group.