With so many opportunities to learn information, I want to help narrow the search down to a few I have found invaluable and highly recommended.  If you feel there are additional resources that you've utilized and would like added, please contact me and I will look into them.


Social Media

As social media and the Internet continue to grow, many fly tyers have embraced and utilized them in so many ways.  This page shares some of my personal thoughts and suggested ways to integrate social media into both fly tying and fly fishing.


Reading and researching has always been an integral component of fly tying and fly fishing, and I'm happy to share some of my favorite books with all of you.


The Internet has taken hold of our major content, yet I continue to view certain videos out there that simply grab my attention and hold it.  Click below for some I recommend.


Nothing beats a great magazine (or three!), and here are a few I continue to read on a regular basis.