Social Media

This is a component of fly tying that has truly escalated the sport in recent years.  There can be much to gain when using the following, as the key is to collaborate and connect with others.  Social Media is an area that I continue to explore, and "Trout and Feather" can be located on both Facebook and Instagram.


In this first video of a two-part series, I reach out to the views, then summarize some thoughts and opinions in the second video.

In this second video of a two-part series, I summarize thoughts and opinions that many of you sent from the first video.


Facebook is here to stay, and there are so many ways it can be utilized.  One of my favorite ways to connect with others is through "Groups", as there are many that relate to fly tying and/or fly fishing.  Some of the recommended groups are listed in my Social Media: Part Two video...


I personally know the power of YouTube, but underestimated its ability to connect others.  When learning new patterns and techniques, this is typically the first place I start.

Fly Tying Forum

This website is frequented by many knowledgeable tyers interacting with one another daily.  The content discussed is excellent, and others are always encouraged to join in the discussion.  I recommend creating a free account, and jumping right in!

Reddit Fly Tying

On Reddit, individuals post and respond to messages, similar to other forums, though this site is really one geared to beginners, IMO.  The comments are positive, and constructive feedback is given, especially when asked.  This site was a little tough to learn originally, but most importantly, encourages interactions with others.  There is also a "Reddit Fly Fishing" site, plus others related to our sport.


Instagram is an area of social media that is newer to me...but I really enjoy it!  Utilized through my smartphone, there are many incredible tyers regularly sharing their creations, and we all benefit from it.  Some recommended tyers are listed in my Social Media: Part Two video...

Orvis Fly Fishing Videos

Orvis is a name recognized for years in fly fishing, and their current lineup of videos is an excellent resource for all levels of fly tying and fly fishing.  

Ask About Fly Fishing

This innovative site, created by Dr. Roger Maves, is packed with so much information.  Dr. Maves interviews established fly fishing and fly tying professionals on live Internet, and additionally saves the show to the site.  With a subscription, you can listen to any of the recorded shows (over 200!), and even download them to your computer.  


The Internet has instantly placed thousands of fly tying resources in front of us, which is a wonderful thing. Selecting the right resource for you is where the decision becomes a little more difficult. In this video, I discuss differences that I notice between fly tying websites, share some of my favorites, and ask all of you to tell me about the ones you visit regularly.