Spent Caddis Foam Fly

unnamed (2).jpg

Some flies out there have "the look," and this is one of them!  The Spent Caddis Foam Fly utilizes some realistic components (i.e. wings), plus takes on foam to ensure floating.  This is a pattern that you want to tie and show your buddies...but don't forget that the fish like it, too!  This pattern can fish as a spent caddis or damselfly, thus Theo shared another great one with us!  The steps shown below are easy to follow, and let us know how the Spent Caddis works for you.


Hook: TMC 2499; #10 and smaller

Thread: 8/0; Light Brown

Tail: 2mm foam; light green (first tied on a pin)

Wing Case: 2mm foam; light color

Wings: J:son wings; burnt

Legs: Grizzly hackle

Antennae: Paintbrush Fibers; Burnt/curled