Call me "old school," but I love to look through a paper copy of a fly fishing magazine...


"The Drake"

Since I first read this magazine, it's been tough to put down.  "The Drake" is full of great articles that speak more to the sport of fly fishing than to an overload of information.  This refreshing approach has been needed in fly fishing.  The authors do a great job connecting to the readers, and it is definitely a magazine that I love to read.

"Fly Fisherman"

The classic magazine that continues to produce, especially from an instructional perspective.  I have been reading "Fly Fisherman" for more years than I can remember, and continue to do so.  Their website is also loaded with excellent resources, and I recommend you checking that out, for sure.

"Fly Tyer"

As a fly tyer, how can I not recommend the ONE magazine dedicated to the craft we love?  This magazine continues to produce lots of information, helping to inspire our creativity.