Though the Internet has greatly changed the way we find information, there are some videos that I consistently turn to because they are truly those "instant classics" that guide my own development.


Bugs of the Underworld

This is truly an incredible documentary, filmed by Ralph and Lisa Cutter.  Over an 11 year period, they managed to capture incredible footage of insects throughout their life cycles, and it's simply amazing.  Examining this movie helps to understand many of the key fly tying principles.  From fly fishing and fly tying perspectives, this is the type of information that will help us improve exponentially.

Trout Grass

Featuring my deceased friend, Andy Royer, this video follows bamboo as it makes its way through hands of various individuals, ending as the rods we cherish (and even fish!).  As a bamboo rod builder, this is a must-have DVD that truly speaks to the essence of fly fishing.

A River Runs Through It

Well, not exactly a "resource," but the impact this film has had on fly fishing may never truly be known.  This movie brought fly fishing into the mainstream, for better or worse, changing the direction instantly.  Though I am considered part of the group around before "the movie" came upon fly fishing, it stands as one of my favorites, and has a special place in my heart.  Further reflections of it by Carly Flandro...

Joan Wulff's Dynamics of Fly Casting

For starters, if you have the opportunity to meet Joan, do it!  She's an amazing woman that continues to cast better than 99% of us...trust me.  This DVD is a great one because Joan has a great way to both instruct and reinforce, even over a video.  Regardless of your casting ability, this is one that you can always turn to and gain new information from.